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Piraeus to Kalymnos | Kalymnos to Piraeus | Piraeus to Amorgos-(Aegiali) | Piraeus to Amorgos-(Katapola) | Piraeus to Astypalea | Piraeus to Chania | Piraeus to Kos | Piraeus to Mykonos | Piraeus to Naxos | Piraeus to Paros | Piraeus to Santorini-(Thira) | Piraeus to Syros | Amorgos-(Aegiali) to Piraeus | Amorgos-(Katapola) to Piraeus | Piraeus to Ios | Piraeus to Rhodes | Rhodes to Piraeus | Santorini-(Thira) to Kos | Santorini-(Thira) to Rhodes | Santorini-(Thira) to Piraeus | Kos to Piraeus | Astypalea to Piraeus | Patmos to Kos | Kos to Patmos | Patmos to Piraeus | Piraeus to Patmos | Patmos to Rhodes | Rhodes to Patmos | Patmos to Syros | Syros to Patmos | Piraeus to Symi | Symi to Piraeus | Ios to Piraeus | Mykonos to Piraeus | Naxos to Piraeus | Paros to Piraeus | Syros to Piraeus | Kos to Santorini-(Thira) | Rhodes to Santorini-(Thira) | Tinos to Piraeus | Piraeus to Tinos | Piraeus to Iraklia | Iraklia to Piraeus | Piraeus to Schinoussa | Schinoussa to Piraeus | Piraeus to Donousa | Donousa to Piraeus | Piraeus to Koufonisi | Koufonisi to Piraeus | Piraeus to Leros | Leros to Piraeus | Piraeus to Nisyros | Nisyros to Piraeus | Piraeus to Chios | Chios to Piraeus | Piraeus to Mytilene | Mytilene to Piraeus | Piraeus to Tilos | Tilos to Piraeus | Piraeus to Kastelorizo | Kastelorizo to Piraeus


Children between the ages of 4 and 12 pay the 50% of the selected adult fare – Children traveling in cabins must be accompanied by a full-fare paying adult. Children under the age of 4 years old who do not occupy a bed/berth/airseat pay Euro 5.50 per passage. Children under the age of 4 years old who occupy a bed/berth/airseat pay the 50% of the selected adult fare.


Not cumulative with other offers (except early booking discount) and only one of them (the greater) is granted at a time.

Travel period:

Valid for travel from 16-10-2013 to 31-12-2014


Valid from 16-10-2013 to 31-12-2014

How to book:

We are sorry but this offer has expired and no longer available to book.