Moby Lines

Terms & Conditions


Surcharges and other costs won’t be refunded.
Cancellations must be submitted in written form and confirmed by MOBY before the intended date of departure (also possible on journey
at any travel agency with a Moby ticket sales point). Fees will be charged, independent of whether the tickets have been issued or not.
These are as follows (day of cancellation will not be counted):


down to 30 days before departure: 10% of the travel price;
29 days - 48 h before departure: 20% of the travel price;
from 48 hours to 4 hours before departure: 50% of the travel price.

Should the person not appear or cancel at a later date or the ticket has been bought the same day as departure day a 100% cancellation fee is charged:


down to 30 days before departure: 10% of the travel price;
29 days - 10 days before departure: 20% of the travel price.
Should the person cancel later no refund will be paid.

The ticket, however, can be used against a previous booking for a crossing to Elba (only routes as booked originally) during the year of issue (possible seasonal changes, etc. must be recalculated).
If the cancellation has not taken place this right ends.

PEX RATES, “BEST OFFER”: see also point 6. Requests for reimbursement have to be made in writing and within 30 days following the date of departure.

Reimbursement applications can only be filed with the agency where the ticket was bought upon presentation of all original documents,
which must be certified with date, stamp and signature on the ticket by a travel agency, by Moby, the port agency in charge or the purser (for each way).


The booking or port office must be informed immediately of loss or theft of a ticket. Replacement tickets may only be issued on condition that the lost ticket has not been used, a reservation has been made and the passenger can provide proof of identity by passport or identity card. 
Generally € 10,00 will be charged immediately for the issue of a replacement ticket as a processing fee at port office.


The ticket is issued under a name, is nontransferable, and is valid for only those crossings specified on the ticket. The passenger is to keep the ticket and present it on request of an officer or a representative of the transport enterprise. Should the passenger not be in possession of a valid ticket, twice the regular ticket amount was be charged and compensation for damages was claimed. Letters of confirmation issued from travel agencies for crossings cannot be accepted. For incorrect information on the number of persons, vehicles carried along, etc., the balance is to be paid on the premises. In case of incorrect information on lengths, widths and heights passengers may be placed in a waiting list and embarkation can be refused. By the order of the ticket, the client has to verify that indications and data refer to his booking and that all vehicle-specific data match with the carried along vehicle´s registration. MOBY refuses all responsibility for wrong ticketing. Open date tickets cannot be issued. For bookings performed in Italy the Italian travel conditions apply.

Useful information


must happen latest 90 min before departure (without vehicle carried along latest 30 minutes). For later presentation we cannot guarantee the embarkation. For persons handicapped or with restricted mobility, art 17 applies.


Please obey the specified vehicle categories and indicate while booking your vehicle license plate number. You can find the detailed description in our brochure and in the internet - we ask you to strictly observe them. A) Gas-driven vehicles carried along must be registered extra with booking and embarkation. B) Carried along Vehicle’s alarm systems and anti-theft devices must be switched off on the ship. The driver is responsible that the hand brake is adducted, a gear is shifted, the lights are switched off and the vehicle carried along is locked. C) Carried along delivery trucks and transport vehicles (more that 6m length), trucks and empty or charged vehicles of all kind that are foreseen for the transport of goods as well as vehicles for more than 1500 kg load not are regarded as special vehicles but as fright vehicle. They must be booked separately (see point 25). At supplying information about length, width and height, we require the overall dimensions of the particular vehicles incl. all installations plus probable rear- and roof-carriers. In case of wrong information and/or non-compliance with the regulations, the carrier can cancel the ticket and automatically set it onto a waiting list. The corresponding difference in price plus 50,- € fee is collected, even for a probably already used going-out crossing. A transport can be refused in case of a not confirmed waiting list. Trucks, delivery trucks (longer than 6m) and vehicles with more than 1500 kg of burden are not considered as special vehicles but as freight vehicles. Those must be booked separately. Bicycles can be carried - please consider the description on page 7 and in the appropriate price lists. With reference to Article 412 -´- of the of the Italian Merchant Shipping Act apparent vehicle damages or other events originated from our ships must be reported before the debarkation. The passenger must claim the damage to a responsible officer, so that a damage standard form can be filled in and signed. Without this form a refund is not possible.


Dogs and cats must be inoculated (Inoculation passport necessary). Please observe the entry regulations of the countries. Following the order of the Italian health department of august 27th 2004, published in legislative bulletin no. 213 art. 2, Dogs must be tied on a leash and must carry a muzzle on board. On the most ships, special kennel areas are available; please ask the stuff on board where you can find them. If all kennels are distributed, customers have to stay with the dog in the outdoor area of the ship. Please note: it is not allowed to leave your pets in the car, to take them with you into the cabin and lounge area or to let them at the interior public areas of the ship.
Following art. 727-until of Italian criminal code fulfilling European norm 92/73/CE and 2009/147/CE as well as laws n. 150 from February 7th 1992 fulfilling European norm CE n338/97 of European Council from December 9th 1996, protected animal or plant species can be transported only in case of presenting licenses or certifications and exclusively on conditions demanded.