Corsica Ferries

Terms & Conditions

Our office has to be notified of any cancellations. Tickets with Flex tariff are refundable and the following fees (exclusive taxes) will apply:

  • 10% up to one month before departure
  • 20% up to 48 hours before departure 
  • 50% up to the deadline for embarkation 
  • 100% for special fare tickets and standard tariff tickets 
Tickets cancelled after the expiry of the deadline (1 hour before departure) or after check-in cannot be refunded and will be invalid. This applies also to tickets of passengers not checking in at the time indicated. In case of cancellations of tickets which were changed before, the initial date of the journey is decisive

In case of the complete cancellation of a ticket which has been paid by credit carte and the refund of the dues (port dues, regional and security), 1,50 € handling fee for cancellation will be applied.


There is no right to a refund where the date, route or category of the vehicle is changed. A fee applies where there is any change in booking details (including the change of number plate of the vehicle).
The name of one or more passengers can't be changed.
If a ticket is lost or stolen notice of the loss is required. The ticket can be reprinted. Any lost unused ticket can be refunded up to one year after its issue date, if a new ticket was bought in its place. If a passenger wants to change his accommodation on board a refund is not possible. Any change of ticket requires an additional charge.

Reservation of vehicles

It is necessary to specify the dimensions and type of the vehicle on reservation. All external dimensions will be taken into consideration in calculating the far so it is imperative that they are supplied (length, height, width). Details of vehicles exceeding 5,00 m in length and/or 1,90 m in height and/or 2,00 m in width must be declared at reservation and an extra charge will apply. If the measurements are incorrect the shipping company reserves the right to deny embarkation or to make an additional fee for both the outward and return journey.

Useful information


Passengers travelling by car are requested to be at the ship at least 1 hour before departure of the ship (30 minutes before departure for passenger travelling without car). In the case that the indicated time is exceeded, boarding according to the reservation cannot be guaranteed because the departure may take place 30 minutes prior to the indicated time.


proof of identity, tickets and relevant documents can be checked at any time at the ports or on board. Therefore, you should always carry with you: proof that you are eligible for a reduced fare, valid ID and your ticket (if you have one).


Irrespective of the order of the arrival the shipping company and/or the captain and/or the embarkation personnel are entitled to determine the sequence of the vehicles during embarkation. If for some reason a booked vehicle cannot be accommodated on the correct ship it has priority on the next sailing. In these circumstances a refund cannot be granted. If upon arrival at the port of destination weather conditions at sea or other circumstances beyond control of the shipping company prevent disembarkation of the vehicles, the vehicles will be disembarked as soon as possible at the next calling port or at the port of departure without the passenger being entitled to a refund.

The shipping company reserves the right to deny embarkation and/or to demand excess payment where applicable for any vehicle which does not correspond with the measurements stated at reservation. Embarkation and disembarkation must be effected personally by the driver of the vehicle.

On embarkation and disembarkation the vehicle must be driven solely by the driver up to the beginning of the loading ramp and he must take full responsibility for doing so. The driver has to respect all safety regulations in force in the port area. Inside the ship the driver must pos


Pets are welcome on board and may walk around freely except in the restaurant. Dog breeds classified according to the relevant laws and regulations as dangerous are not allowed on board. In specific cases the onboard personnel may impose certain restrictions. Pets are not permitted in the Restaurant. The shipping company may require a valid vaccination and health certificate less than 3 months old. Dogs have to be kept on a leash and must wear a muzzle. it is forbidden to leave animals in the car.


Foot passengers are allowed to take hand luggage on board free of charge. The luggage which may contain personal belongings of the passenger can be carried in suitcases, boxes or similar containers which are not bulky. Their measurements should not exceed the following: 200 cm in height, 100 cm in length and 50 cm in depth. The passenger is responsible for taking his own luggage to his cabin or allocated seat. Canoes, kayaks and other items exceeding the maximum measurements and not transported on the roof of the vehicle must be stored on the parking deck subject to the approval of the loading officer. Special tariffs apply for this kind of luggage.
In the event of theft or damage the shipping company does not take responsibility for any such items.

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