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free berth and meals for cargo drivers - Jadrolinija Lines

Routes available:

Ancona to Split | Split to Ancona | Bari to Dubrovnik | Dubrovnik to Bari | Rijeka to Split | Split to Rijeka | Rijeka to Dubrovnik | Dubrovnik to Rijeka | Dubrovnik to Stari Grad | Stari Grad to Dubrovnik | Rijeka to Stari Grad | Stari Grad to Rijeka | Rijeka to Korcula | Korcula to Rijeka | Zadar to Ancona | Ancona to Zadar | Split to Stari Grad | Stari Grad to Korcula | Korcula to Stari Grad | Stari Grad to Split | Korcula to Sobra | Sobra to Dubrovnik | Dubrovnik to Sobra | Sobra to Korcula | Rijeka to Sobra | Split to Korcula | Split to Sobra | Split to Dubrovnik | Stari Grad to Sobra | Korcula to Split | Korcula to Dubrovnik | Sobra to Rijeka | Sobra to Split | Sobra to Stari Grad | Dubrovnik to Split | Dubrovnik to Korcula | Ancona to Stari Grad | Stari Grad to Ancona


Cargo drivers are entitled to a free berth on night voyages and free breakfast and dinner. On the day voyages they get free lunch. Driver pays port taxes and fuel surcharges of 15 Euros per one way.



Travel period:

Valid for travel from 09-10-2013 to 31-12-2020


Valid from 09-10-2013 to 31-12-2020

How to book:

We are sorry but this offer has expired and no longer available to book.