Jadrolinija Lines

Terms & Conditions

Cancellation of a voyage or its portion should be done prior to departure. A refund for an unused ticket or an unused portion of the voyage will be done by the agency that issued the ticket, provided that the date of cancellation is duly confirmed in writing by an authorised office (travel agency or port agent). For cancelled tickets, you shall be refunded the cost of your trip less the following charges:

1.Prior to Departure Charge
Up to 22 days 10%
8 -21 days 20%
Up to 7 days 30%

2. For cancellation of a deck ticket by the date of departure, 10% of the fare is to be paid.

3. Open date ticket holders shall be refunded, with 10% charge.

4. Fares paid for meals are refundable without any charges.

No refunds can be made for NO SHOW or for non-cancelled reservation.
Claims are accepted at the latest 15 days after the end of the trip.

The loss of ticket should be reported and a new one bought.
The refund for the lost ticket if proven non-used, will be done three months after the issue of a new one.

Open date ticket (voucher) is valid 12 months from the date of issue. Holders of open date ticket (voucher) should make the necessary booking well in advance, and pay possible difference in fare as per tariff in force on the departure date. No refund shall be made to open date ticket holders (voucher) in case of a lower price due a lower tariff, lower category of accommodation or a partial use of any pre-paid service.

Timetable is subject to changes without advance notification. Jadrolinija as shipowner reserves the right to withdraw or amend any sailing deemed necessary due act of God, technical or any other reason. Shipowner will take no responsibility for any consequences resulting from the possible delay of any ferry.

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Passengers should hold valid documents or visas (if necessary).
On International lines for all vehicles ( including rent-a-car) original documents are required. Certified copies are not accepted. If the traveler is not the owner of the vehicle, the original declaration from the owner permitting the car to travel is required.

Useful information

Embarkation starts 2 - 3 hours prior departure of the ferry from the starting port or immediately upon arrival and disembarkation of passengers and vehicles in others. International line ticket holders should report to the port agent at least 2 hours prior to departure, otherwise Shipowner reserves the right to dispose of the booked accommodation without refund to the passenger.

Our partners from Woo casino warn that Shipowner is not responsible for any possible damage on unaccompanied vehicles, caused during embarkation/disembarkation.

Inflammatory and explosive substances in a solid, liquid or gas form are excluded from carriage. To reach the vehicle during the voyage is possible only if permitted by a responsible person.

All payments on board the ship are in convertible currency, American Express, Diners, Mastercard/Eurocard and Visa.

Shipowner limits liability for loss of life or personal injury in the amounts ruled by the Maritime Law of Croatia. Shipowner is responsible for loss or damage of documents, manuscripts, money and valuables; if they are deposited in the vessel's safe (and ascertained by the receipt).

Owners of dogs and other pets are obliged to have veterinary certificate. Dogs must be provided with muzzle, except guide dogs of a sightless person. Their nourishment is at the charge of the owners.


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