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30% on DOMESTIC TICKETS - Anek Lines

Routes available:

Venice to Patras | Venice to Igoumenitsa | Igoumenitsa to Venice | Patras to Venice | Piraeus to Chania | Chania to Piraeus


Valid for passengers and their vehicles (all categories). The discount is valid on your Domestic Line ticket and it is not cumulative with the return trip discount of domestic route or with other domestic discounts. Valid in combination with an ANEK LINES trip on the Adriatic Sea. The ANEK LINES Adriatic Sea tickets and the Domestic Lines tickets (CRETE: •Chania •Heraklion and AEGEAN ISLANDS) must be issued simultaneously. * The offer is subject to availability.



Travel period:

Valid for travel from 28-08-2013 to 31-12-2014


Valid from 28-08-2013 to 31-12-2014

How to book:

We are sorry but this offer has expired and no longer available to book.