Venezia Lines

Terms & Conditions

All bookings on all routes are subject to cancellation fees.

  • Cancellations done up to 7 days before departure are subject to a € 15.00 cancellation fee per person.
  • Cancellations done from 6 days to 72 hours before departure will be charged at 50% of the value of the booking. 
  • Cancellations done between 72 hours until the day of departure are not entitled to any refund. 
  • Promotional fares are non-refundable and passengers will be aware of this condition at the time of booking. 

What happens if a sailing is cancelled?

Venezia Lines reserves the right to delay, cancel or re-route the sailing of the vessel without prior notice whether on the outbound or inbound journey, if this is due to chance events, force majeure, adverse meteorological-sea conditions, strikes, safety or technical breakdowns constituting force majeure, or any other reasons not attributable to the company.

In the event of cancellations, Venezia Lines shall refund the unutilized portion of the ticket but shall in no circumstances whatsoever be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage caused thereby and will not accept any claim to reimburse any supplementary expenses.

Crossing times are calculated on the basis of the distance between ports in favorable meteorological-sea conditions. Venezia Lines accepts no responsibility for delays due to port operations. Arrival times, if stated, must be seen as indicative and may be subject to variation as a consequence of meteorological-sea conditions, port traffic, limits imposed by competent authorities or other bodies, and for which venezia Lines shall accept no liability.

In case of cancellations on Istria and Venice Routes, Venezia Lines will try to provide an alternative means of transportation to all one way clients. This will be not necessarily be communicated prior to departure but may be communicated upon check-in. Passengers are entitled to refuse the alternative means of transportation and a full refund of the unutilized portion of the ticket will be granted, however Venezia Lines will not accept any claim to reimburse any supplementary expenses. The refund will not necessarily be given at time of check-in. If the passenger agrees to the alternative arrangement provided, the passenger loses the right to a refund of the ticket. Please note that the alternative means of transportation does not guarantee the arrival at destination at the same time stipulated by the original booked ticket and Venezia Lines at all times does not accept any claim to reimburse the ticket or any supplementary expenses.

If a sailing is cancelled, please ask for refund at the agency where you bought the ticket. If you paid by bank transfer please send us an email on with your bank details for refund. If booking was made online the amount of unused portion of your ticket will be refunded to your credit card account in about 15 days. For any further information please contact us on

Useful information

  1. Smoking is strictly prohibited in all areas on the vessel.

  2. Passengers are to familiarise themselves with safety notices and pay attention to any P.A. announcements.

  3. The service may be suspended/altered in the event of bad weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of The Company.

  4. Hazardous cargo, including dangerous weapons / illegal substances, are strictly forbidden on board. Passengers, their baggage / vehicles are liable to security searches by Company personnel. The Company will fully co-operate with the appropriate Authorities to prosecute persons found in possession of forbidden items.

  5. Children are not to be left unattended during crossing.

  6. Luggage: 
    Passengers purchasing one way or return tickets (excluding Day trip tickets – returning in the same day) are entitled to carry:
    1 (one) checked-in luggage of not set size or weight and,
    1 (one) hand luggage of not more than 56cm x 45cm x 25cm in size and 10Kg in weight. Handbag, briefcase, laptop, shop purchases, camera etc must be carried in your 1 (one) permitted piece of hand luggage.
    The above items of luggage are included in the ticket price and do not need to be announced at booking stage.
    Excess luggage can be booked at booking stage at an additional cost of €5.00 per luggage per leg or during check-in at an additional cost of €10.00 per luggage per leg.
    There is no checked/hand luggage allowance for infants. However, one fully collapsible pushchair per infant may be carried free of charge.
    Additional infant equipment such as car/booster seats and travel cot may be carried in addition to your personal checked-in luggage allowance and will be subject to additional charges should your regular allowance be exceeded.
    Bicycles are not to be considered as luggage even if they are carried in appropriate bags/luggage and are subject to an additional cost of €10.00 per bicycle. Bicycles can be reserved at booking stage or during check-in. The vessels have limited spaces for bicycles so prior announcement is advised.
    All luggage should have name tags attached to them.
    When departing from Croatia all luggage including the checked-in luggage must be carried by the passenger through the border control.
    When departing from Venice checked-in luggage is to be deposited at the check-in desk and will be taken by the port security in order to be scanned. Hand luggage is to be taken by the passenger when passing through the security gates and border control. It is of utmost importance that the passenger identifies the checked-in luggage which will be found alongside the vessel before embarking the vessel in order for it to be embarked on the vessel by The Company’s crew members.
    For security reasons passengers are only allowed to take to their seats small baggage items such as handbags, briefcase, laptop, shop purchases, camera bags. All other items including bulkier hand luggage is to be deposited by the passengers during embarkation in the storage place reserved on the vessel as indicated by the vessel’s crew.
    When travelling with a Day trip ticket (Istria-Venice-Istria or vice versa) returning in the same day, passengers are not entitled to carry any checked-in luggage, but are only entitled to carry one hand luggage as indicated above. Should a passenger travelling with a day trip ticket, present himself at time of check-in with more than 1 (one) item of luggage and is not within the limitations of the hand luggage dimensions and weight indicated above, The Company reserves the right to charge for the price difference (if applicable) between a day trip and one way ticket price as well as extra luggage charges.
    Bulky luggage or accompanied cargo may be carried at the discretion of the Master of the vessel and is subject to a higher charge in accordance with a set tariff.
    Only luggage containing passenger’s personal effects will be accepted as luggage.
    Unaccompanied luggage is forbidden.
    The Company is not responsible for loss of or wilful damage to luggage.
    In the interest of safety, The Company may destroy any unaccompanied luggage or luggage left behind after disembarkation.

    If you are travelling with your pets please be sure to be in possession of the international passport for animals. All animals should be in possession of all vaccines required by both the point of origin and the destination port. The Company is not responsible in the event that the animal is not allowed to embark at the point of origin or to disembark at the port of destination due to lack of the necessary documents and vaccines. In such instances the passenger travelling with the animal shall compensate the company for any eventual damages and expenses including the issuance of a return ticket, if this is applicable.
    Cats need to be transported in appropriate cages, whilst dogs cannot be larger than 60 cm in length and 50 cm in height (from head down). All dogs must be in possession of a leash and a mouth muzzle. All animals have to be announced at time of booking. The Master of the vessel may, at his discretion and in the interest of the other passengers, disallow boarding of the animal irrespective if it is properly announced or in possession of all required documentation or vaccines. In such situations The Company will not be liable to refunds of the animal and neither the passenger tickets.
    Passengers are reminded that it is their responsibility to ensure that they are fit to travel. The attention is drawn to the possibility of weather conditions changing during a voyage. Passengers with a medical condition, for which they have not sought professional advice, are asked to inform a member of The Company’s staff prior to departure. The Master of the vessel may, at his discretion and in the interest of the passenger, disallow boarding.
    It is the passenger’s responsibility to check carefully the booking details / travel documents and inform the travel agent should any inaccuracies be found. Passengers are informed of their right to notify the Company of any need for special care or assistance in emergency situations. When doing bookings online please include a note in the section “Additional notes” when inserting passenger details during booking.
    Passengers are to ensure that they are in possession of all necessary (valid) documents prior to travelling.

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