Montenegro Lines

Terms & Conditions


In cases of cancellation of voyages refunds will be made according to Company's general conditions
Cancellation of the voyage must be reported to and certified by the agency in the port of departure or the agency which has issued the ticket.

  • 15 days before the departure, no fees.
  • from 15days to 72hr, 30% of fees
  • from 72hr to 24hr, 50% of fees
  • at the last 24hr, no refund.

Time of departure and time of arrivai is set according to local time zone. It can be altered anytime without the prior notice. The operator is not responsible for cases of force majeur and technical defects as well as for all other cases which do not fall within the liability of the Operator.

Open date

"Open-date" ship carriage ticket with no definite reservation is valid 12 months from the date of issuing. Guarantee of accommodation for passengers and vehicles cannot be given without making a timely reservation. It is recommended to make reservations for months:Juiy, August and September. If the Operator increases prices in the meantime, the passenger has to pay the additional charge.


Prices are expressed in EURO per passenger, vehicie accompanied by passenger and per travel. Prices include carriage and service on ship. Food, drinks, passengers luggage or car insurance is not included. Passage prices are established according to official tariff and are subject to alterations. The Operator reserves the right to change prices without the prior notice, because of important and unexpected reasons.