Blue Line

Terms & Conditions


Blue Line is not responsible for any changes in the timetable caused by third parties, port authorities, or extreme and unusual weather conditions. Blue Line reserves the right to change the schedule listed in the brochures without prior notice.


The Company is not responsible for any kind of accident or injury occurred during the journey, that may be a result of the passenger`s recklessness.
Any potential claim or dispute arising under the valid Conditions will be resolved in compliance with international conventions and referred to the Court in London, unless the Company accepts jurisdiction of any other court abroad.
In the event of increase in fuel prices, currency fluctuations or other unforeseen circumstances, the Company reserves the right to change the fares without prior notice.

Useful information


Blue Line reserves the right to modify the timetable indicated in the brochure, without prior notice.
Modifications made in the timetable can occur due to a case of force majeure, technical problems or some other legitimate reasons. In the event of timetable modifications and inability to provide an alternative transport, the Company reserves the right to provide a passenger with full refund of payments made, without further liability or obligation towards the passenger.

A passenger is required to check the timetable and to book a ticket at one of the agencies before the journey. The possession of a ticket does not guarantee direct embarkation; therefore, a passenger is required to check-in with the Port agency to make sure he/she boards the ship within the time limit indicated in the brochure. Passenger`s failure to comply with the embarkation regulations may result in the cancellation of the reservation. All passengers are required to have a valid passport or another travel document, a valid stay permit and international sanitary certificate if necessary.
A passenger without valid travel documents may be subject to legal sanctions and denied embarkation.

Passengers are not allowed to bring any kind of weapon onto the ship. Passengers who keep weapons and are hence considered harmful to other passengers (due to drunkenness, illness or any other reason), will be subject to adequate legal measures by the Captain.


It is allowed to transport pets under stricks guidelines during the trip. The pets should be kept exclusivly inside cages, especially made available for this purpose, on the deck. 
Those who are not in accordance with the rules, will be fined with a 50 € fine on board. 


Underage persons are not allowed to board the ship without an adult as an escort. They can board the Blue Line ships only accompanied by their parent or legal guardian, who will be fully responsible for the minor, his actions and behaviour. Minors are not allowed to drink alcoholic beverages or to gamble.

On board one of our ships, there is a mini-playground where children can have fun, and our gift shop offers wide range of toys.


The access to the vehicle in the garage is possible only with the permission of a responsible officer on a ship. The Company is not responsible for any kind of damage during the embarkation and disembarkation of vehicles.
All vehicles should be placed in the garage under appropriate conditions and there should be no leaking of any kind of liquid from the vehicle onto the floor. In case the driver does not comply with these regulations, the Company has the right to deny him/her the embarkation or charge him/her for the garage cleaning costs.
The embarkation of natural gas vehicles is allowed.


A passenger is required to take care of his/her luggage, lock it into the vehicle, or bring it along. The Company is not responsible for any belongings that may be stolen from the vehicles.