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20% Early booking discount - Minoan Lines

Routes available:

Ancona to Patras | Patras to Ancona | Ancona to Igoumenitsa | Igoumenitsa to Ancona | Trieste to Igoumenitsa | Trieste to Patras | Igoumenitsa to Trieste | Patras to Trieste | Ancona to Trieste | Trieste to Ancona


Valid for one way and round trips. Valid for all accommodations and private vehicles. Cumulative with all other discounts of standard commercial policy.


Early Booking tickets are not refundable.

Travel period:

Valid for travel from 26-10-2017 to 15-01-2018


Valid from 26-10-2017 to 28-10-2017

How to book:

We are sorry but this offer has expired and no longer available to book.